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Original concept by Carm Hogam

Created by Carm Hogan & Brendan Hogan

Written by Brendan Hogan

This is a story about courage and wisdom. A story about Charli and John and an aeroplane – one young, one old, all lost.

Charli is bold, headstrong and desperate to soar over the hurdles life throws in her way. John is old, bitter and afraid of what comes next. The Uiver is an aeroplane caught up in a storm with no map, no guide, and nowhere to land.

At a time when so much of the world feels lost and adrift, Charli flies into John’s room at Sunset Oaks and into his heart. Together they unlock the dramatic rescue of the Uiver plane and the little pearls of wisdom we all need, to face life and to face death.

This is a story of then and now and what is yet to come.

All the Shining Lights had its world premiere at HotHouse Theatre, 2022.

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