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Danny is obsessed with catching a wild black panther, rumoured to prowl the Australian bush after escaping from a travelling circus, many years earlier. One weekend while camping with the local Little Trooper Platoon, Danny sets a trap to catch the mysterious panther. That's when the hunter, becomes the hunted!

Scaredy-Cat was performed at the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

"Scaredy-Cat is pure genius. Hogan has created a top-notch ensemble of young performers who each get their moment in the spotlight. They are playing caricatures, but they are loveable cartoon ones that deserve further outings in future productions. The story has a lovely sense of the absurd and derives its humour from understanding the quirks of childhood. This is the sort of thing I really wish ABC2 or ABC3 would produce for television."

-Katherine Phelps, comedian

Hogan’s play Scaredy-Cat is set amongst one of my favourite excuses for a play – a weekend camp. This is a romp of a piece that satirises the Scouts fairly unmercifully. The plot concerns the hunt for a panther that is rumoured to be loose in the area. It has a huge number of roles and is great fun as a text. Hogan, a drama teacher from regional Victoria, understands what a good script for young actors needs and this one is a gem!"

-Tom Healey, Literary Manager

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