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On the first day at his new school, 10 year-old Clint hopes it will be a 'fresh start' and a chance to escape the bully who made his life at his old school a living hell. But things don't quite go to plan and he soon finds himself behind the shelter shed in the ultimate showdown with the 'worst bully the world has ever seen!'


How To Beat a Bully is a play for anyone who has been bullied, teased or endured more than their fair share of wedgies, nipple cripples and third degree Chinese burns.

"Brendan Hogan’s How to Beat a Bully is the bomb! It’s a simple and clear text that guides the audience gently through the vagaries of bullying and cruelty. It’s a gentle and unassuming text, but I found it especially touching in its understanding of the issues it is dealing with. Bullying is a big topic in schools right now and this text – simple and direct as it is – gives a genuine context for that debate."

-Tom Healey, Literary Manager

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